Friday, 25 November 2011

What Woman Want for the Holidays and Romantic Winter Getaways

What Women Really Want for the Holidays

Twelve romantic holiday gift ideas from twelve beautiful women
Well, Halloween is over and the department stores have all put up their holiday displays.  Sure, you still have plenty of time to shop for a Christmas present for your special someone, but let's be honest... the last three years you've cut it pretty close and it wouldn't hurt to start thinking about it a little earlier.

Fear not... you can always give them condoms for Christmas!... Just kidding!!!  Even we wouldn't suggest that.  Well, we've done some leg work for you and found out what women really want for the holidays.  Best of all, this is advice directly from the mouth of babes: twelve romantic holiday gift ideas from twelve models, actresses, and model-actresses.
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Romantic Winter Getaways

Beautiful Candian winter destinations
If you read the previous link about what women really want, you'll realize that most women appreciate a great experience.  A day trip to a spa, a weekend getaway to a bed-and-breakfast, or a local a wine tour are all good options.  Hey maybe you can even spice up the weekend with a variety pack of condoms.  (Haha, sorry for the shameless plug)

However, if you still have a few vacation days to use before the end of the year, maybe it's worthwhile to take a trip to somewhere truly extraordinary.  How about a trip to see the amazing Aurora Borealis in Whitehorse?  Or spending a night in the Ice Hotel in Quebec City?
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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Get it on Outside and How to Be Good with Your Hands

Get Outside & Get It On!

7 Public Places for Sex by AskMen
The sun is shining, the breeze is warm, and summer is in full swing!  On beautiful days like these, don't you feel like you're missing out by limiting sex to the bedroom?  Well, fear not!  Top Condoms Canada has you covered wherever you choose to get it on (though we take no responsibility for any potential run-ins with the law... so use discretion you fearless lovers!)

Apparently, over half of Americans have done it in the car, so if you're an absolute beginner to sex outside the bedroom, you may want to start there (here's a quick how-to video).  If you're looking for a few more places to spice up your routine, AskMen has compiled a list of "the best places to slip away for some sex without getting caught".
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How to Be Good with Your Hands

5 Sensual Touching Tricks to Turn Her On by Men's Health
There's no denying that foreplay is an essential skill in any experienced man's repertoire.  And if you ask the ladies, I'm sure they'll all nod in agreement to the importance of foreplay (and that they can't get enough of it!)  As this female writer laments: "Men over the age of 18 tend to dip their fingers for two reasons: 1) as a brief transition between dry humping and intercourse, and 2) to find out if our juices are flowing."

Well, the thing is, foreplay needn't be limited to right before sex.  If you're a true romantic, you'll create opportunities to stir your lover's heart (and loins) in the most unexpected of places.  Here are a few tips to get you started:
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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Top 29 Cities to Visit in 2011 and Why Zeus Should've Worn a Condom

Top 29 Cities to Visit in 2011

Just in time for you to plan your summer vacation
From Beijing to Amsterdam to Sau Paulo to Bangkok, AskMen ranks the top 29 cities to visit in 2011. For those who are looking for a Canadian destination, well, pack your bags and head to Montreal (ranks #26 on the list), which is described as follows:
"Montreal may be one of the most underappreciated cities in North America, possibly thanks to visions of a town buried in year-round snow. But those who have made it to this island city have been rewarded with a town buzzing with a distinct European charm mixed with the best food, shopping and nightlife the Great White North has to offer."

What's number one?  We'll leave that for you to find out... or better yet, decide after you've visited all 29.  Oh yeah, don't forget to pack some condoms.  You know what they say... "Luck favours the prepared."
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Why Zeus Should've Worn a Condom

Like all good mythologies, there's a moral to this story
The internet is a wonderful place.  It's full of useful information and entertainment.  In this particular case, we've come across something that's both informative and entertainming.
BEHOLD: Myths RETOLD!  It's a modern and rather profane (read: with a f*ck load of profanity) rehash of ancient myths.  Some of our favourites are: Apollo fucks trees (The story of Apollo falling in love with Daphne),  The Founding of Rome (A hilarious retelling), and last, but not least, Zeus does not understand contraception (The story of Athena's birth) ... which ends with the following lines of genius:
"so the moral of the story is
always wear a condom
because otherwise
you are going to have to resort to an impromptu skull c-section
with a shovel"

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Guide to the Best Sex Positions and Sex on the First Date

Find Your New Favourite Sex Positions

A Sex Positions Guide by Women's Health Magazine
They say that sex is like pizza.  If it's good, it's really good.  If it's bad, it's still pretty good.  If that's the case, then I would liken discovering new sex positions to ordering outside of your usual pepperoni and cheese pizza: it could be good, or really good!

Recently, Women's Health magazine published an interactive online guide to new sex positions.  It allows you to select the best positions based on size, stamina, and flexibility, in addition to optimizing for his or her pleasure.  I've got to admit, I've certainly learned a couple of new moves.  Check out the link below to add some spice to your regular routine.
Click here to see the interactive sex positions guide.

A Question For First Dates

Will my date have sex on the first date?
Obviously, you're not going to ask that on a first date.  However, if you want to find out the answer to that question, ask your date "Do you like the taste of beer?"

According to the online dating guru-geeks over at OkCupid, the single best predictor of if your date will have sex on the first date is the answer to this question.  No matter their gender or orientation, beer-lovers are 60% more likely to be okay with sleeping with someone they've just met.  According to the analysis, about 68% of women who like the taste of beer would consider sleeping with someone on a first date (as opposed to the average of 42%).  For men, 85% of those who like the taste of beer would consider sleeping with someone on a first date (as opposed to the average of 54%).
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