Friday, 25 November 2011

What Woman Want for the Holidays and Romantic Winter Getaways

What Women Really Want for the Holidays

Twelve romantic holiday gift ideas from twelve beautiful women
Well, Halloween is over and the department stores have all put up their holiday displays.  Sure, you still have plenty of time to shop for a Christmas present for your special someone, but let's be honest... the last three years you've cut it pretty close and it wouldn't hurt to start thinking about it a little earlier.

Fear not... you can always give them condoms for Christmas!... Just kidding!!!  Even we wouldn't suggest that.  Well, we've done some leg work for you and found out what women really want for the holidays.  Best of all, this is advice directly from the mouth of babes: twelve romantic holiday gift ideas from twelve models, actresses, and model-actresses.
Click here to see what women really want for the holidays.

Romantic Winter Getaways

Beautiful Candian winter destinations
If you read the previous link about what women really want, you'll realize that most women appreciate a great experience.  A day trip to a spa, a weekend getaway to a bed-and-breakfast, or a local a wine tour are all good options.  Hey maybe you can even spice up the weekend with a variety pack of condoms.  (Haha, sorry for the shameless plug)

However, if you still have a few vacation days to use before the end of the year, maybe it's worthwhile to take a trip to somewhere truly extraordinary.  How about a trip to see the amazing Aurora Borealis in Whitehorse?  Or spending a night in the Ice Hotel in Quebec City?
Click here to explore romantic Canadian winter getaways.

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